Love yourself!

Smile… It confuses people!

Smile… It confuses people!

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
Holy Bible, [Matthew 7:1-2]

What It Means To Be Gay

I grew up in a household built on religious beliefs and values. A prayer before every meal, church every Sunday, sex is bad, drugs are bad, gay people are going to hell, etc. So I never even thought I could be gay. And then when I started to get better emotionally and began to be myself for once in my life, I started to notice feelings I had for friends of the same sex. At first I tried to tell myself it was only conditional and it didn’t apply to all girls, but the better I got, the more I was able to look into my past and see times where I should have seen that I was gay. So I slowly began to come out of the closet. At first I came out to friends of mine that I knew wouldn’t judge and they helped me grow as a person and realize that being gay was just a part of me and I shouldn’t try to hide it even though it is considered “wrong” in this society. So I tried coming out to one of my family members to test the waters. But I chickened out and went with the words, “might be” and “we will probably never have the chance to find out.” And wouldn’t you know it, a few days later I went on my first date with a girl I really liked. And I knew that night sitting in the movie theater holding this girl’s hand, that I really am gay. Well this girl soon became my girlfriend and even though I’m still not used to being openly gay, I show her off to the world. It’s still difficult for me to talk to some people about having a girlfriend, but the fact of the matter is I’m truly happy and I’m not going to sacrifice that in order to make the people who don’t agree with my decision happy.

Now, not to get into too many topics at once, but I swear this ties in. I don’t believe in organized religion because it is socially constructed. I do, however, believe in a God. And I believe that God created us all and that he knows our every thought, desire, dream, and future. So my question for you is why would He have created me to be gay if He is against homosexuality? Some people say that being gay is a choice but I wonder when you decided to be straight! Did you wake up one morning and say, I think I want to be straight? Why would anyone choose to be gay in a society that is completely against it? In my opinion, everybody falls in love with their true love regardless of sex. And I want to ask you to imagine for a second that roles are reversed. What if we lived in a world where being gay was the norm and heterosexuality was ostracized? Would you still want to be with the person you have already fallen in love with? I have brought this question up to several of my straight friends and they have all said they would still choose to be with the person they are with right now regardless of the consequences. So don’t homosexuals deserve the chance to be happy as well?

So for those of you trying to discover your sexuality, don’t do what society says is right, do what your heart is telling you.  People will either accept you, or eventually get over it. And those who don’t, well are their opinions really worth it? Never be scared to be who you are for fear of being made fun of because at the end of your life, your happiness is what really matters.

What Is Beauty

“Am I beautiful?”

He glanced up from his book to see her standing in the doorway, the sun shining in from behind and transfiguring her hair into a golden halo. He paused in a moment of thought then slowly laid aside his distractions, rising to meet her. She filled his vision with warmth, like the sun rising over the snowcapped mountains of a dreamer. She was the reason he lived. Standing so that his face almost touched hers he asked his own question in reply. “What is beauty?”

He placed a gentle hand on her cheek and said softly, “Is beauty determination? For gazing into your eyes I see a determination to survive and not only to survive but to prosper and succeed.”

He reached down and took both of her hands into his own, kissing the tips of her fingers. “Is beauty compassion? Never in my life have I seen hands so dedicated to people, and to love. Hands that willingly deny their own suffering to ease the suffering of others. And what of tenderness? Is that beauty? For there are none other hands I would turn to in the cold hours of the night than these.”

He traced the curve of her shoulder with an experienced finger. “And what about strength? Is beauty strength? These weary shoulders have borne far more than they deserve yet they remain straight, high and proud.”

He leaned over and pressed his lips against the softness of her neck, breathing in her sweet fragrance. “Oh and brilliance? What of it? Is it beauty? I know none that could surpass the cool discernment of this mind.”

He rubbed his thumb lightly over her cheek and said quietly, “What about tears and sweat, blood, sobs, brokenness, cuts, walls and silences? Are they beauty? Because a face like this could never be all that it is without knowing the horror of sorrow and pain.”

He lightly brushed his lips against hers, whispering, “Is beauty love? Because I love you, every inch of you.”

He drew her into his warm embrace and whispered in her ear, “You are beauty. You are not merely beautiful, you are beauty itself.”

What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.

Life In General

Live Life

Everyday people live their lives. Some take it for granted, some live it to the fullest, some come to the end of it, some are just brought into it. Point is, life happens all around you every day. So start living yours so that when tomorrow comes, you don’t regret the things you didn’t do. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or do something crazy! To reach out to someone with an open mind and heart, or tell your friends and family you love them! Don’t be afraid to show how you are really feeling! If you’re sad, cry; if you’re happy, laugh; if you’re lonely, find someone to talk to, I guarantee someone cares. And if you can’t think of anyone who cares, I DO!!!

Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better!!!